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A/N Hey guys first fanfiction Originally on google docs for a school thing but... Here you go its a Levi x Jean! Attack on Titan! 
Jack? -Jacksepticeye Free2use Markiplier Swag!!!-Markiplier Free2use THE KING OF FNAF FOREVER!!!-Markiplier free2use jacksepticeye with a heart - free 2 use icon :3 Chibi Rainbow Dash Icon sorry... to the story!! 

(Levi’s P.O.V)

I was walking down the halls of school while Armin and my boyfriend, Jean, were following me with Mikasa and Eren slightly farther back. I walked out the doors of Titan High with them still following. I snarled as Armin kept talking about the titanic, the phantom tollbooth, series of unfortunate events and other books. I turn around making Armin run into me. I snarl at him and say within it,” Armin, if you do not shut up I will personally kick your ass you to hell and back! Do you understand?” My pupils reducing to slits. My canine teeth sharper than normal. He whimpers and runs away crying to Erwin.

    Jean walks up to me and asks,” Babe, what’s wrong?” He wrapped an arm around my waist as he speaks.

“Nothing…” I say as I shake my head. He sighs as he unwraps his arm from my waist. I sighed then started running the rest of the way home.

                                ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Le Time Skip of cleaning by Levi~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

    I was in my room doing my homework at my desk when I heard my binder get knocked over. I look down at it and it looked as if it was hit by something light. I look between my legs and there was a black cat tail swaying behind me. My parents walk up the stairs after being told by Jean that I was acting strange. They push open the door to my bedroom and see me their standing with a long, black cat tail swaying behind me and two black, medium sized cat ears on top of my head. I was staring them in the eyes my pupils slits and my canine teeth as sharp as a cat’s. “Nya! Mom, Dad what happened? Nya!”, I say I quickly put my hand over my mouth because of the fact that I just mewed. I had a huge blush spread across my face as I continued to mew.

    My mom walked over to me and placed a hand on my forehead and asked,” Are you ok? Do you feel sick? Did you eat anything weird?” I blushed even more of the fact when I thought about it, the fact that me and Jean had our very first date together yesterday.

    I shake my head and mew out,” No, just that Jean took me to dinner yesterday. and 1 and 2 yes and no, I feel fine.” She sighed and said ok. I get up and walk downstairs to the living room to see Eren, Armin, Mikasa and Jean talking to each other. “Nya! Jean!” I mewed and ran over and nuzzled his side and I purred as my cheeks turn a light pink. He looked down at me attached to his side purring my black cat ears twitching slightly my tail swaying. He stares at me in confusion then he just sighs and goes with it. He pets my head making me purr louder as he makes me let go so he can sit down. When he sits down I can’t help but sit on his lap. Eren, Armin and Mikasa start laughing. My senses being hypt up I snap my head toward them my pupils still slits staring at Eren dead in the eyes. My cold light blue ones staring into his lush ,pure green ones.



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